How to update/edit the Annoucement Bar

The Announcement Bar is the red bar at the very top of your website.

You can use the Announcement Bar to display a custom message above your site. This is a great way to announce things like a promotion, a change to your hours, or any site updates.

Note: The Announcement Bar appears on every page of your site except Cover Pages. It can't be customized or enabled per-page.

Add Announcement Bar content

1.   In the Home Menu, click Design, and then click Announcement Bar.


2.   Enter the text for the Announcement Bar in the box. You can make the text bold or italicized and create text links.


3.   You can also add a clickthrough URL to make your Announcement Bar a link.


4.   Click Save to publish your changes.

disabling the Announcement Bar

1.   Select disable Announcement Bar from the drop-down menu.


4.   Click Save to publish your changes.