Helpful guides + notes on navigating your new website

These are some helpful guides + notes on managing your new website.

These pages aren't visible to the public when navigating your website, but anyone with the link can view them, so I suggest bookmarking this page for future, as I'm sure you'll be referring back here very often as you slowly start getting comfortable with navigating around Squarespace.

Navigate through the sections in the sidebar to the left to find out more about making changes or anything related to that specific part of your website.

I hope you find these guides helpful and that they make your website updating process a breeze!

Good Luck!

A few important notes:

  • Make sure to SAVE any changes before you exit editing mode.

  • DO NOT edit any blocks that are labeled as 'CODE'.

  • Squarespace is pretty straight forward to use, but when editing page content, it's also very easy to accidentally move something, and the downside is that there is no "undo" button (only applies if you've made a significant amount of changes already without saving your progress), so please be very careful and try not to move any of the blocks around when making your changes.

    • If this does happen to you: Simply, just close out of the 'Edit Mode' without saving or press "Cancel" and the changes won't be saved.

Squarespace has some really great Support documentation and easy Guides for you to follow, should you have any other questions related to your Squarespace website.