Meet Marisol


Ooh’lah Lash was founded by owner, operator and Lash Master Marisol Ortega. Marisol started Ooh’lahLash in 2011 in Lake Villa Illinois. After growing her business and clientel expenentially over the last 4 years, she has settled into one location and has decided to set her roots in her new salon in Highland Park. Ooh’lah Lash is a full service eyelash extension salon offering several services at a very competitive rate. 

With our services that we at Ooh’lahLash offer you are not only getting “eyelash extensions” you get the master craft service from Marisol and her staff. Marisol is a Master Lash Artist thru extreme and has been featured as their Monthly Master Lash Artist, she was picked from an elite group of master lash artists from all over the world to be an eliteAuthor in the book “Lash Masters”. Marisol has also trained to become and instructor which has allowed her to take her skills and pass them on to her staff to the benefit of her clients.  When you have an appointment at Ooh’lah Lash you will be walking out with aserene, calm and refreshed feeling. As well as a higher confidence from the beautiful transformation that Marisol and her staff preform on you!